Underemployment and the things I’ve relearned…again.

Long story short, I left my position as a manager in a small non-profit. Short story short – I quit. I feel better, but as the old saying goes, it is easier to find a job when you have a job. Needless to say, I had nothing lined up and to top it off I quit the week before Christmas. Yep, that is what I did.


Now with all that, I did talk to my wife prior to doing this. She was on board with my choice. I don’t think thrilled would begin to describe her, but she was on board. So, with my best friend behind me, I told my boss that I couldn’t do this any longer, handed her my keys and P card and walked out the door.


Fast forward to today and what I did in Albuquerque. The answer to that is that at 1 a.m. this morning I was driving home from my closing shift at Domino’s Pizza. Certainly not quite what I had imagined for myself 8 weeks post unemployment, but this is not my whoa as me piece, nor is it asking for pity. This is what I’ve learned delivering pizzas.


  1. The pizza business is a freaking business. The person who owns all the domino’s is very rich. Do I have data to back that up…nope? It is just a guess. I’m guessing that I’m right
    1. Every cost is controlled. The end game is to reduce cost and maximize profits. Duh, of course it is. It is a billion-dollar industry the pizza business. I happen to work for the one that just knocked Pizza Hut (actually has “pizza” in the name in favor of one that is named after a game that 80-year-old men play in the park on nice days) out of number one. The company is 6 or 7 on the list of fast food joints in terms of market share. It is a big business. I guess I really had no idea until I went to work for them.
    2. The folks that work there work hard. They work. They may not save lives or patrol the streets, but they take pride in their work. They may have fun doing it, but when it comes down to it, they take value in what they do. Now with all that said, you will have the fuck ups that make it hard for everyone. I am talking to you drunk Domino’s delivery guy. People hear that crap and it reflects poorly on the rest of us just trying to earn a paycheck.
    3. I have not worked this hard in my life. My knee hurts from hopping up the curb. My fingers have hangnails from folding all the boxes My car will forever smell like pizza. I know what you are going to say. Booo whoooo. I get it. There are those that will read this and say no shit sherlock, that’s what it is like for me every day…. I guess I’m just trying to say I am starting to understand that there is no way on this planet that someone making minimum wage can make a living. At least not without another job, god forbid if you have no spousal support or are a single parent.  I don’t have any answers either.
    4. People that I work with are genuinely nice. They correct you when you mess up and it is not belittling, I do not feel less than, it is a nice environment to be in. Maybe it has been my fault for working in some messed up places. See I told you that this was therapy for me.
  2. I am tired, heck I close tonight and the idea of working till one in the morning washing dishes…heck I’m not looking forward to it. But, I meet some neat people delivering pizzas. I clock out at the end of the night with money in my pocket and I really don’t have to think about the next day. The next day will be the same as today. Deliver pizzas, it will get crazy at dinner time, fold boxes, sweep and do dishes.


Did you know that the wage of a pizza guy goes down to 5.25 when they are on the road? It’s the idea that the tips from the folks you are delivering to will make up they difference. The big idea that you “can” make up to $20 an hour delivering pizza. Let me tell you. If you are making 20 bucks an hour delivering pizzas, you are working your ass off and my hat off to you. So, this job as taught me more about the value of a dollar than any other job I have ever had. When I was young, I just didn’t give a crap. I worked, I got money, I bought things. Now with the family being on 99% my wife’s income I realize that a dollar is a lot more than just a dollar. And that shit is expensive. Groceries are expensive. Entertainment is too. So are kids, kids’ hobbies, rent/mortgage,  water, gas, cell phones, cable, internet, all the things that go along with the internet (Hulu, Netflix etc.). Our friends invited us to go out to one of those escape room things. It is $28 per person to do this. 28 dollars a person…we declined. 56 dollars right now is a lot of money and you know that it is not just 56 dollars. There may or may not be food, there may or may not be drinks. Babysitter, gas money…. the list goes on. My point again is that the world is expensive and those that don’t agree either have the money already or are in debt up past their eyeballs or are somehow robbing peter to pay Paul but are one car repair away from being homeless.


I delivered a pizza to a kid at an apartment complex. He opened the door of his one bedroom and the smell of pot wafted through the air. I’m sure he has chronic pain. He was playing on a game system listening to music. I just saw the kid again today…he bagged my groceries. My question is not if he is in chronic pain, but how they heck does he do it? My guess, he works his ass off and he is in debt up past his eyeballs. I guess my takeaway on all of this is that if you have a life where money is not an issue – excellent! My wife and I are currently on baby step 2 of Dave’s plan and will be where you are within the next 5 years. Yes, I know that sounds like a long time, but no matter what, I will be 5 years older and I would like to be debt free at that time. For those of you that money is an issue. Stop living like it isn’t. I know I have. My underemployment and my journey to find a career is taking much longer than I thought. Made me realize that I may think that I’m hot shit, but in reality, I’m just another guy. Most of us are just another guy, that is where I say make the change. Recognize your pizza delivery guy. Know that the person at the cash register or bagging your groceries is a person and that for their shift they are going to work their ass off, or they just might lose their jobs. Because if they do, there is someone like me who is unemployed that needs a job, any job, to help his family out and will work his ass off. So, to all you pizza delivery folks and everyone else making minimum wage or less, thank you.


I also went to the post office today…so till next time, that’s what I did in Albuquerque today.

New Mexico House Bill 356- (regulate the use, production and sale of cannabis and cannabis products for those over the age of 21).

Well first let’s start with an introduction. I’m Daniel, I live in Albuquerque and have done so for the past 33 years. Previous to ABQ I was a military BRAT…(born raised and trained) and dotted around the country for the first 13 years of my life, but that is a blog for another time. Happily married, I have one daughter and married into an older daughter and older son…I’ve know them long enough so I claim them. =0)

I started this blog today to add a little therapy to my life and maybe get you to look at your laugh and laugh a little bit with me…and realize that with a smile on your face, life does suck. If your’s doesn’t, by all means don’t go looking for something to complain about. Enjoy it. Love it. Soak it in…because guess what? It probably won’t last long. Life happens. It is not always nice. It can be simple things…how changing a light bulb turns into a five hour waste of time before you call an electrician and pay a crazy amount of money to get the dang thing fixed.

On the other hand, there are friends, folks you know, and families that you don’t know that are truly having difficult time at the moment.

Point being is to enjoy the journey of life because you never know when it’s going to change.

Anyhow, I ramble. I chalk it up to my newly diagnosed ADHD. So let’s circle back around to the title of this blog.

New Mexico House Bill 356 is moving on. It will legalize adult use of marijuana in the state of New Mexico.

For those of you that know me, I am a huge proponent for medical marijuana. I truly believe that medical cannabis has medical benefits. From cancer to Crohn’s Disease to the addition of opioid addiction as a qualifying condition, again, I think there are benefits to the use of medical cannabis. I am also not an idiot to recognize that, I’m going to go with 20% here, of card holders are smoking 80% of the marijuana and those folks really like smoking pot. They stubbed their toe and now they have chronic pain…I get it…some folks like smoking marijuana more than they like drinking, or smoking cigarettes or caffeine for that matter. More Info on NM Medical Cannabis

So, with all that said. I do not think New Mexico is ready for legal marijuana for adult use….

  1. JWe (the state of New Mexico) have a tendency to screw things up. We just do. I’ve lived here a long time and we do…end of story. (ART, Railrunner, education, DWI laws, tax breaks or no tax breaks for movie companies, early childhood education, homelessness, senior care, violent crime, non violent crime, nepotism, congressional pet projects, the fact that we let Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos both leave New Mexico)…we suck.
  2. Selling to folks that cannot afford to be buying pot in the first place. Seriously, we suck. We have more families on federal assistance than any other state. Think about it, are we going to start subsidizing people smoking pot? We will in fact be taxing the poor. There is no other way of looking at it. A recreational dispensary in Los Alamos is not going to fair well. Taos and Santa Fe, yes. Albuquerque, yes…. Far North East Heights Albuquerque, maybe? There is a lot more riding on this bill than just access to legal pot.
  3. We do not have the draw that Alaska, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington or Oregon do, let alone the states back East. Against Michigan we might stand a chance, but other than Michigan what do we do have the draw. Yes, I will give you the Balloon Fiesta, but then what…the only idea I can think of is a having an all adult day, you charge a bunch of money and adults lay down, smoke a little and watch the balloons take off. We can call it, “Let’s take off together day” or something.
  4. We are very late to the party. We are first on a lot of bad lists and high on the many of a bottom of a list. If we wanted to have legalized cannabis for adults in New Mexico we should have done it first. Not waited. We do not ever define a thought or cause we just kind of show up to the party with some bad seven layer dip and a smile on our face asking permission to come in.
  5. We do not have good enough DWI laws as it stands now…how do you plan on doing this? To think that people are not driving stoned now is a really naive way of thinking.

Anyhow…those are my thoughts to you and the legislatures up North…just think about it. So that’s what I did in Albuquerque today….and killed a chicken.